The National Erasmus + Office (NEO) Algeria conducted an ICM monitoring visit at the university of Abou-Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen on the 17th of December 2019. The vice-rector of external relations Pr.Maghnonif welcomed NEO representatives and introduced the concerned university’s representatives and expressed his appreciation for the monitoring visit. A presentation was given by the vice-rector of external relations regarding the university’s activities within the Erasmus+ programme while he explained the university’s commitment toward the planned internationalisation strategy that was reflected through its involvement in this programme for many years. Some practices were also presented such as dissemination and assistance activities for potential participants. A brief discussion followed, where the NEO coordinator gave recommendations in order to improve the projects results. A Q&A session then followed, where several beneficiaries (Students and teachers) attended the meeting and testified about their respective ICM experiences. At the end of the visit, the vice-rector of external relations reiterated his expressions of appreciation to the National Erasmus + Office as well as the commitment of the university of Tlemcen to its internationalisation strategy.