The National Erasmus + Office team participated in the Kick-off meeting of the “EL@N” project at the University of Tlemcen from December 18th to 19th, 2019. The EL@N project: Modernization of language teaching in the language centers of Algerian universities” is coordinated by the University of Tlemcen with the participation of 5 Algerian partners: The university of Bejaia, the university of Sciences and Technology Oran, the university of Gulema, the university of Ouargla, the university of Biskra and 4 international partners: University of La Sapienza, University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Istanbul and Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University.

This meeting is part of the preparation of the proper launching of the project as well as the distribution of work packages for each partner. Questions related to contractual and financial management were addressed.

It should be noted that the EL@N project selected in 2019 as part of the capacity building projects in the higher education sector of the Erasmus + program aims to modernize the teaching of foreign languages ​​by updating the intensive centers of languages ​​in Algerian higher education establishments.