Currently, the Erasmus+ program offers online learning opportunities via the Erasmus+ “Virtual Exchange” program which encourages formal or non-formal education via a platform enabling young individuals from Europe and the South of the Mediterranean region to engage in learning experiences and online trainings.

For the period from 25th of May until the 25th of June and during 5 weeks, we invite young Algerians between 18 and 30 years old to participate in the interactive online course entitled: Sustainable food systems: a Mediterranean perspective in collaboration with the Network of Solutions for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean (SDSN-MED). The deadline for registrations is set for the 17th of May 2020. (Link:

 “Fight against hate speech” is another interactive online course open from May 18th to June 19th, 2020. The application deadline is May 10th, 2020. (Link :

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange also offers opportunities for online debate on current topics through the activity entitled “Social Circles”. Currently, two topics are offered namely “What is the role of youth to act against climate change?” scheduled during the period from 1st to 12th of June 2020. Application deadline is set for May 17th, 2020 (link: The second topic will be available from the 3rd to the 14th of August, 2020 which deals with the following question How to find a balance between local culture and modernization ?”. Application deadline is June 19th, 2020

For more details, Please check the « Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange » program’s website on the following link: