Algeria has obtained a total of 1090 mobilities in 2020 as part of the international credit mobility (ICM) of the Erasmus + program for the benefit of students, academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions. These scholarships are devided according to three financial chapters as follows:

– 32 projects corresponding to 421 scholarships with funding of € 1,043,475.00 in the chapter of South Mediterranean region.

– 73 projects corresponding to 641 scholarships with funding of € 2,151,778.00 under the window dedicated to Algeria “Juncker Algeria Window”

– 5 project corresponding to 28 mobilities with funding of € 72,385.00 within the framework of “Juncker North Africa Window”

It should be noted that the international credit mobility offers opportunities for scholarships and short-term internships for students and staff of higher education institutions with recognition of credits and mobility results.