Organisations can apply under this Action to work in partnership with other organisations from other participating countries in order to improve their provision and gain from each other experiences and good practices.

Projects selected under this Action focus on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices in education, training and youth between participating countries.

Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education (CBHE):

Capacity Building projects in the field of Higher Education are cooperation projects between Higher Education Institutions from European countries and their counterparts from Eligible partner countries, amongst which Algeria.

Algerian Higher Education Institutions participating in a selected project benefit from the other participants’ experience and best practices and the multilateral partnership results at improving the quality of higher education as well as aligning higher education with the demands of the labour marker according to the national priorities.

These projects main priority is based on these activities:

  • curriculum development activities
  • strengthening and modernizing the capacity of management, innovation as well as internalisation of HEIs and systems
  • strengthening relations between higher education and the economic and social world

There are two types of projects :

  1. Joint Projects: aiming at supporting organisations from partner countries through curriculum development, modernisation of management, etc.
  2. Structural projects: aiming at strengthening higher education systems and promoting reforms on national and /or regional level.

CBHE projects last between 24 to 36 months and the allocated budgets varies between 500 000€ and 1 000 000€. It is used between participating partners in covering staff costs, travel costs, costs of stay, equipment and sub-contracting activities.

How to apply :

Applications should be submitted online under one of the annual calls for proposals published by the EACEA.

More info :